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How to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

Healthy Holiday Season

How to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and while this is often a very happy and festive time, it also comes with its challenges. For a lot of people, the holidays are a stressful and busy time of year, one that is filled with social commitments and obligations that lead to anxiety and worry. For others, the season is difficult because of the growing costs associated with shopping and gift-giving. For other people, the holidays are difficult because it can be tough to stick to a sensible diet and exercise schedule when you’re surrounded by festive treats at every turn.

Whatever you’re reason for finding the holiday season difficult, here are some tips for staying happy and healthy during the holiday season.

Eat Before Parties

It can be tough to say no to all of the cakes, cookies, and treats that come with holiday parties. However, it’s easier to control yourself when you’ve eaten a big meal first. Before you head out to a party or event, make sure you eat a meal (unless you’re going to a dinner party, of course). You might be tempted to skip eating so you “have space” for treats, but this strategy often leads to over-eating. Instead, have a nutritious meal first.

When you arrive at the party, take a couple of your favorites, and then move away from the food. This will allow you to enjoy a few tastes of the season without going overboard.

Be Okay With Saying No

The holiday season is filled with social obligations and other commitments. Attending every party or event you’re invited to can be exhausting, so it’s important to learn to say no. You don’t need to go to every single thing. Sometimes, it’s better for your health and well-being to stay home instead.

Schedule Exercise

During the busy holiday season, it can be tough to find time to exercise. One key to making sure you stay active during the holiday season is to add exercise to your schedule alongside all of the other activities you have planned. The simple act of placing exercise in your calendar can help you stay active.

Come Up With New Activities and Traditions

If you worry about overeating during the holidays, don’t invite your friends out to a restaurant. If you’re concerned about your spending, limit the number of gifts you exchange with friends and family. Changing up your holiday traditions can relieve stress and help you stay healthy. Go for a walk to look at decorations instead of gathering together to eat and drink. You’ll have a great time!