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You could be a Fitness on the Go franchise operator and join the team that has changed the personal training industry in America!


A Fitness on the Go franchise offers you these advantages:


• America’s largest private personal training franchise network
• No fitness experience required
• Low initial investment
• A winning combination of expertise and online technology
• Home office support and training
• A 10-year, award-winning track record of growth and success


We have adopted a franchise model to expand Fitness on the Go from coast to coast because we believe it is the right model for both our customers and our franchisees.  It brings the right mix of local entrepreneurs with the right systems and our online technologies.  Through our franchise structure of standardized procedures and a strong national brand we add stability to the entrepreneurial lifestyle we believe in so much; being your own boss and charting your own course.  Our franchisees see Fitness on the Go as a way to increase their overall wealth, and change their lifestyles without being stuck ‘in the corporate grind’; it’s a way for them to grow personally and professionally.

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