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Bringing Fitness To You

Let The Gym Come To Your Home

Exercise with the best personal trainers in the privacy of your own home and comfort!

Schedule That Fits Your Lifestyle

We work with your schedule to make sure you workout when it is most convienient for you.


The Best Personal Trainers

Start working out with the best personal trainers in the United States.


Customized Exercise

We develop a highly customize plan to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

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“I’m very impressed with the service and professionalism from my personal trainer. Having someone come to my home has definitely kept me motivated and disciplined. I have never seen results so quickly, I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes and seen noticeable toning, strength and endurance.”


“I would rather pay the price of a personal trainer then the price of my blood pressure medication, which I am off since starting Fitness On The Go 14 weeks ago! I like being committed to my trainer for a workout day and time, before I was the queen of excuses. Joanne, my trainer, makes it fun too.”


“Despite my good intentions, I just couldn’t get active, until I discovered Fitness on the Go. Now I enjoy a workout three times a week with an outstanding trainer that makes fitness fun and attainable!”

     We plan your workouts
We bring the equipment to you
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We Keep You Motivated
We Come To You

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