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Feel Full

Feel Full

Q. What are the best foods to make me feel full the longest?

A. When it comes to satiety factor, or food making you feel full, it’s best to choose high-volume low-calorie foods. Foods high in fibre and water are a great example of this.

Weight loss and maintenance are made much easier when you fill up on high fibre foods. Fibre adds bulks to your foods,  so it take longer to digest, and doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels as quickly as some other foods. This helps to keep you full for longer. And you don’t have to eat bowls of bran to get your daily fibre. Try to always choose 100 per cent whole grain products, start your day with a high-fibre breakfast cereal, eat at least six servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and increase your intake of beans and lentils. It is easy to substitute some of the meat in your favourite dishes with beans.

Protein will also help to make you feel fuller for longer. By adding some protein to your meals, you will feel fuller quicker and for longer. So instead of having some toast with honey for breakfast, try having toast with a poached egg. The protein in the egg will get you to your next meal without a hungry tummy.

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