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STEP 1: Make the TIME!

STEP 1: Make the TIME!

How many times have you set a New Years resolution to get back to the gym and by the time February roles around you aren’t even keeping your gym bag in the car anymore?  How many diets have you signed up for only to find the cupboard half full with a smorgasbord of unused nutritional bars, shakes, and meal replacements from company X?  How many times have you said I’m going to get myself into that pair of skinny jeans I used to look so good in only to find they have not moved from the bottom of the drawer or back of the closet six months later?

The Solution:

MAKE THE TIME.  It all starts with a commitment to yourself that you are going to get it done, and keep it consistent!

  • Sit down with your daytimer, blackberry, iphone, or schedule and plan it in.  Whether it is 3x a week or  7x a week plan it in a schedule
  • Think of it exactly the same as an appointment, business meeting, picking up the kids.  It is a huge priority . . . YOU
  • Keep your workouts short.  I try to limit mine to 30-50min workouts that way there is not so much stress to fit it in on a busy day, or the days I am really tired or don’t want to workout it is a lot easier than trying to push through a 90 min strength training session! (you do have to make sure you keep the right intensity or type of training with a short workout . . . so ask your personal trainer for help)
  • Have someone hold you accountable.  Tell your friends what you are doing.  (SECRET: talking about it often makes it a reality)  Have your husband/wife, training partner, personal trainer check in on you during the week or on those tough, stressful days to make sure you are Order Generic Levitra Super Active+ Online without Prescription on track
  • Celebrate your success!  After one successful week with no missed workouts.  After one successful month with no missed workouts.

Follow our blog in the New Year for the next STEP towards reaching your fitness goals and living the life you have always wanted to!