“Everybody needs some help every now and again”


With 2 kids and a job that required me to work 60 hours a week, getting to the gym and eating right were always way down at the bottom of the list of priorities.

I was paying for a pass I never used, I had a Soloflex holding hockey equipment in the garage (which I also never used), I had the best intentions, but no time for any type of follow through. Fitness on the Go showed me how easy it was to get back in shape, and that it was never too late… Fitness on the Go got me motivated and got me results.*

“I wanted to be a Yummy Mummy, not a frumpy Mummy”

Somewhere between getting married and having kids, my body just got away from me. I felt old and frumpy – I hid in hoodies and jeans. I had a gym pass, but I never went – I was embarrassed to get on the elliptical trainer beside a girl in yoga pants, she didn’t jiggle when she moved…

Other moms looked great, why not me? Fitness on the Go made it easy to get motivated, and helped me find the girl I lost…

Deanne, age 35
Best Excuse Contest Winner, lost 24lbs and over 7% body fat in only three months!
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“When I first started this process I was really really skeptical. I thought no way, there is no way I am going to be able to lose weight by firstly NEVER going to a gym and secondly NEVER leaving my house! I figured that sure it was easy to say when everyone there is in great awesome shape but what about the rest of us!! When I first started with Dylan, who is absolutely AMAZING by the way, I was really shy and worried about being so out of shape and just plain nervous but after the first 5 minutes that was all gone. He gave me continual positive reinforcement and encouragement. When I thought I couldn’t do it anymore he showed me I could and that is something I can never ever repay him for. Just knowing that with a rubber band and my own body I can lose weight like this is a miracle. I have lost over 5 inches on my waist and 4 inches from my arms. All without leaving the house and it is SOOO easy. It only takes 45 mins to 1 hour a day. I have six kids and I also do daycare during the week for 3 more plus I work fri, sat, sun mornings so my schedule is extremely busy with sports, duties, appointments etc so I thought I didnt have time for fitness. But having someone come on a schedule that works for me is fantastic! Keeping fitness in my life a constant has made changes in more than my appearance: I used to wear sweats, no make up, didn’t really have a drive and now, I am so excited because I look so much better and I feel better. I can actually say that I know the difference.

I have my self esteem back, I have energy back, I feel happier and like I said, I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity. In fact, I went to the dentist last night and told them all about it and once I told them how much I lost without leaving my house and without going on some restricted religious diet they were amazed and then…when I told them how much it cost their mouths dropped! It is possible! They had no idea just like me, that everyone can afford it and there are so many options and ways to incorporate it and you don’t have to be a millionaire. You just have to want to get healthy!! Thanks so much Fitness on the Go, Dylan deserves a medal! He is so great!”*

Molly, age 50

“I would rather pay the price of a personal trainer then the price of my blood pressure medication. Which I am off since starting “Fitness On The Go” 14 weeks ago. As a 50 year old mother of three grown daughters this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I like being committed to my trainer for a specific workout day and time, before I was the queen of excuses. And Joanne, my trainer, makes it fun too.”*

Matthew, age 46

“Despite my good intentions, I just couldn’t get active, until I discovered Fitness on the Go. I now enjoy a brisk workout three times a week with an outstanding trainer.  She makes fitness fun and attainable, and I’m looking forward to taking up some of my old sports again.”

Patricia, age 27

“I’m very impressed with the level of service and professionalism from my personal trainer. Having someone come to my home has definitely kept me motivated and disciplined. I have never worked out harder than this nor seen results so quickly. I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes and seen noticeable toning, strength and endurance.”*

Shelina, age 32

“I’ve always been active and worked out but after losing 40lbs and maintaining it, I still did not feel like I was in the best shape. I decided to finally give it a try and I felt a difference after one session. I see my trainer twice a week and feel like a totally different person. I walk taller, I feel slimmer and my clothes fit better, all this only after 7 sessions!”*

Jennifer, age 53

“I can’t wait for my personal trainer to show up each day. I used to only exercise 3 days a week but now I enjoy it so much that I exercise 5 days a week! Some people say I am crazy and I’m too old but at 53, I’m having so much fun I don’t want to slow down. I feel like I’m 25 years old again! Thank you! My trainer and all of your staff have been nothing but the best!”*

* All testimonials are from real clients.  Results may vary.