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Why hire a Fitness on the Go Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer Vancouver BC Affordable personal trainers… With most companies, personal training has become a very expensive practice, to the point where it is almost unrealistic for many people. Competitors’ prices range from $70-$120 per session. Many of these personal training services also charge for travel time, which we do not. We offer any type of personal training session from $51-$65, depending on length of commitment and the number of fitness sessions.

If you would like to train with a friend, we offer the first person our full price and the second at 50% off. We make personal trainers possible for everyone.

Personal Trainer Vancouver BC Diverse personal trainers… We want you to train in the way that you feel most comfortable, not the way that someone else thinks you should train. We create a personalized fitness routine to meet your needs. Our routines and the skills of our personal trainers are as diverse as you are. You will experience aerobic and physical benefits each time you meet with your personal trainer and we will have you looking and feeling great in no time!

We have over 50 certified personal trainers on staff and you will always have the choice between a male or female trainer. If you are not fully satisfied with the personal trainer you are paired up with, you can easily switch. We want to make sure you look forward to each one of your personal training sessions. In general, we do try to keep you with the same personal trainer for the duration of your commitment.

Personal Trainer Vancouver BC Convenient personal training… How can a busy person get in shape in today’s hectic world? Does it have to involve prying eyes at a health club? Isn’t a person’s body supposed to be a private matter? Instead of wasting time your being stuck in traffic and paying for parking and gas, we take the burden for you.

We understand that time is very valuable in today’s world and that going to the gym can be a time-consuming ordeal. Fitness has never been easier than with Fitness on the Go. We bring all of the equipment necessary to get you fit. Our fully-certified personal trainers will come to you, any time from 5:30am – 9:30pm, seven days a week, and we don’t charge extra for travel time. We save you the hassle of traffic, parking and high gas prices.

We reward you!… Every session you have builds your fitness rewards points: we add 1000 points plus your session number after each completed personal training session. The longer you train with us, the faster you build points! Your personal trainer will leave homework for you to complete on your own. Mark your homework as completed in your software and receive 500 points each time! You will be able to redeem your points for merchandise and free training sessions. Click here to get 15,000 Fitness on the Go rewards points when you join!

Personal Trainer Vancouver BC We understand balance… You do not have to live a life devoted to fitness in order to be fit. Fitness doesn’t mean denying yourself the luxuries of life! A fit person can enjoy the occasional pizza or cheesecake without consequence; it’s the unfit who pay the price for the enjoyment.

We believe in a balance; life does not have to be all about fitness to achieve the body and lifestyle you want, just a part of it.