About Us

About Fitness on the Go Personal Trainers

Fitness on the Go brings fitness to you! We offer in-home personal training services that make it easy and convenient to get in shape. Our in-home personal trainers will keep you motivated and on track so that you’ll feel great, complete a safe and effective workout program and enjoy getting in shape!

In-Home Personal Trainers

Fitness on the Go is an international fitness and personal trainer company that is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals. Started in 2005 in Vancouver Canada, our team of trainers have helped over 7000 clients reach and keep their fitness goals. Our certified personal trainers make fitness easy and accessible for everyone. At Fitness on the Go, our goal is to ensure that all of our clients reach a healthier lifestyle by maintaining or elevating their activity levels. We work to safely and efficiently offer in-home personal training services that make exercising easy and convenient.

Our Personal Training Services

You don’t need to spend time and money on a fancy gym membership in order to get in shape. With Fitness on the Go, you can exercise with one of our certified personal trainers from the comfort of your own home. Our trainers bring all of the necessary fitness equipment (exercise mats, Swiss balls, elastics, medicine balls, etc.) right to your door! All we ask for is a six foot by six foot floor space and 50-55 minutes of your time.

With Fitness on the Go, you always have the option of choosing between a male and female personal trainer from the more than 125 trainers we have on staff.

Fitness on the Go: Our Mission

Fitness on the Go was created to help people get in shape and to give back to the community. A portion of our profits are donated to various sports organizations in Canada, and the United States in order to support Olympic athletes and Olympic hopefuls. With Fitness on the Go, you’re not just helping yourself; you’re also helping other athletes realize their dreams!

Fitness on the Go has already helped thousands of clients get in shape and stay in shape. Our convenient program and personalized approach make having your own personal trainer affordable, simple and fun!