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Give yourself the EDGE. Calculating Cardio Alternatives

Cardio is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, but it tends to be very challenging when it come to finding the motivation to do it. By incorporating a variety of exercises and activities into your routine, you can help prevent the boredom that comes with doing the same thing each day. Different activities utilize […]

Part 2 of F.I.T.T.

Time Time is similar to frequency in it’s ability to compliment a progressive routine and allow for flexibility in unusual circumstances. By starting with 30 minutes a day of activity and increasing to 60 minutes, you can gradually build strength and endurance without overdoing it. When life throws a wrench in your workout plans, you […]

Finsihing off ‘Keeping it Simple”

Last time we went over Nutrition  and Cardio Training as the first 2 tips for “Keeping it Simple” . We will now go over the last 3 steps that will help inform you all the variables to help you reach your fitness goals! 3. Resistance Training This key component will help you become a lean, […]

Keeping it Simple Fitness Tips

Health and fitness can be a complicated subject with the vast array of information available. We are constantly being bombarded with the newest discoveries in ground breaking research, publication of the latest fad diet and more tips and tricks than anyone can keep track of. How can the average person decipher the good from the […]

Use your Smart Phone’s to your Advantage!

Smart phones are becoming more popular everyday! I’ve seen kids younger then 10 years old to our grandparents with an iPhone or Blackberry and I still am getting use to seeing that! In saying that, why don’t we use them to our advantage to accomplish our FITNESS GOALS! There are  all kinds of applications that […]

ICE not heat!

While one of the aspects of working out using an integrated training program is to reduce the risk of injury, it does not completely eliminate that risk. Let’s face it. You’re bound to come across a soft tissue injury like a sprain, strain, tear or bruise at some point in your training. Once you’ve been […]

How fast do you eat?

More people than not tend to eat very fast.  I typically finished eating my meal within 5 minutes.   I don’t even think about it most of the time but it seems I subconsciously want that next bite before I am done chewing what I have in my mouth.  Throughout the years I continued to eat […]

One of the Most Neglected Aspects of Training

This is one aspect of a fitness program that everyone seems to “forget” or really, leave out. Either an individual simply doesn’t allow for the time it takes, or more often than not, doesn’t see the importance of it. It is very important and can make a huge impact on your performance during your routine. […]

Heart Rate Monitors

Target heart rate training is a very important component to getting the maximum results wanted in your cardio program. There are a few different techniques to monitoring your intensity, from quick pulse checks to the use of heart rate monitors. A quick pulse check is a cheap and easy way to make sure you’re on […]

Don’t Let Unhealthy Temptations Bring You Down

The daily struggle with the temptation of snacks  is something we all experience. Some people crave salty, crispy snacks; others, sweet sugary treats. Whatever the flavor or texture, it’s a challenge that we all have in common. Let’s face it, temptation and having strong will power is difficult. Many people live in households where other […]