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Client Success Story: Donna Ouimet

Client Success Story: Donna Ouimet

89 lbs lost in 18 months! Donna Ouimet was never slender, but when she was diagnosed with diabetes she knew it was time to shed some of the 322 pounds she’d put on during a lifetime spent treating herself poorly. “I never ate, thinking it would make me thinner and that fewer calories would result […]

Kelowna Personal Trainer profile: Danielle Ayearst

Exercise is the Key to a Happy Life Danielle Ayearst knows what it’s like to set a goal and work tirelessly towards it. The Fitness on the Go trainer spent years playing competitive hockey before ultimately training with, and trying out for, Team Canada. Not long after, she secured a hockey scholarship at Pennsylvania’s Mercyhurst […]

Routine: Important Part of Achieving Goals

Long sunny summer days make it easy to get out of bed for your morning workout or run, but the days are getting shorter and colder, making those last few minutes under the covers more appealing. The key to remaining active lies in embracing a routine and setting achievable goals. Here are some simple steps […]

With Spring Comes …

With Spring upon us, we are already starting to see more sunshine.  People are getting out to walk (or hopefully run-lol) their dogs, boats are being put in the water, and we look forward to being outdoors.  It’s amazing how a little sun can get people outside and away from those TV’s.  Personally, I always […]

Training or Running Shoes?

These days, the process of buying shoes usually comes down to style and comfort, both important in their own way. We are not going to suggest  a certain brand or even model to purchase because in the end, that decision is yours. We simply want you to consider one more question. Do you need training […]

Scaling results without the scale

How do you know you are on your way to achieving your fitness goals? Did you take pictures of yourself buy cheap to see if you are getting more toned? Did your personal trainer run you through a battery of tests to see if you are getting stronger? Or dare I say … did you use […]


As stated last time, we let you know how important it was to incorporate balance into your workout. As promised, here are some ideas using balance as a part of your warm up and how to apply it to an exercise you are currently doing. BOSU’s are a great tool that can be used in many […]

Are You Forgetting Something?

I always laugh at myself when I walk into a gym because being a Personal Trainer means I over analyze what people are doing. I could go on forever about what I see but rather today, I would like to share something that I do not see. If it’s getting safely in and out of […]

Struggling for Motivation?

All professional athletes have a coach. Many, like Michael Jordan, credit a coach (Phil Jackson) with taking an already good game to a higher level. It never hurts to get an outside perspective of what or how you are Buy Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription doing something, at the very least some positive reinforcement […]

Exercise of the week: Dynamic Flexibility

Recently we talked about the importance of a warm-up in you fitness routine. When doing so we used the term “Dynamic Flexibility“. Now the term Flexibility you may know but adding the word Dynamic before it may be something new.  This is a form of movement stretch that allows you to warm-up specific muscles and or […]