Great Ways to Exercise Outdoors This Spring

Exercise Outdoors Spring

The winter is finally over and spring is here. That’s means it’s time to stop hiding indoors and get outside! The spring opens up many new opportunities for outdoor exercise. Here are just a few ideas for ways to get up and moving outdoors this spring.

  • Play a sport
    • Grab some friends and play a game of beach volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, or whatever you’d like. This is a great way to stay active while also having a great time. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional or have the latest equipment just to enjoy yourself. Even just throwing or kicking a ball around can be great fun. You can even invite the whole family to take part!
    • If you can’t convince enough people to join you, look around for local pick-up games that you can participate in.
  • Walk or cycle instead of driving
    • When the weather is warmer, it’s the perfect opportunity to walk or cycle instead of driving whenever possible. Yes, depending on distance, you likely won’t be able to cycle or walk everywhere, but you might be able to get to quite a few places even if you leave the car at home.
    • For those who take public transit, consider getting off the bus or subway a stop or two earlier and walking to your destination. Not only is a walk good for your health, but it’s a good chance to do some local sightseeing as well.
  • Go for a jog or hike
    • You don’t need to find a particular place to exercise. When the weather is pleasant, you can do you workout just about anywhere. Not only does getting out of the gym add some variety to your workouts, which can be motivating, but you’ll likely enjoy yourself more. Find a park or wooded area with great scenery and spend some time exploring. Or jog through the park or on the beach instead.
  • Involve friends
    • Getting your friends involved is a great way to motivate yourself to be active. The next time you want to meet up with your friends or colleagues, consider going for a walk or doing something else active rather than sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop. You can still socialize and catch up, but you’ll also get some fresh air and exercise while you do it.


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